Class 6 (AdL). Unit 2. Lesson 2. The shape of the day

My Day — Daily Routine 

Watch the video and answer the questions:
When does the boy get up?
What does he do at school?

Active vocabulary


Конструкции There is / There are 

Exercise 2.1 There is / There are (составить из слов предложение)

Exercise 2.2 Краткие ответы: Yes, there are / No, there aren’t

Exercise 2.3 There is / There isn’t / There are / There aren’t

Exercise 2.4 A/ an, the or no article

Exercise 2.5 Конструкция there is / there are, порядок слов в предложении

Exercise 2.6 The Article

Questions for disscussion

Test 2.1 Артикли в английском языке

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