Class 6 (AdL). Unit 4. Lesson 6. My favourite dish

Veg Spring Rolls — Vegetables Spring Rolls with Homemade Sheets — Easy & Quick Snack Recipe

Watch the video and answer the questions:
What is the person cooking? (Veg spring rolls)
What ingredients do you need to cook this dish? (flour, oil, water, zira, garlic, ginger, onions, green chili, soya sauce)

Active vocabulary


«I Am, You Are, He/She Is» Song — Present Simple «To Be»

Exercise 6.1 «Present Simple Tense»

Exercise 6.2 Forms of the verb to be in Present Simple

Exercise 6.3
Make questions in Present Simple

Exercise 6.4
Present Simple of TO BE 

Exercise 6.5
To be answers 

Questions for discussion

Test 6.1

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