There are

The rose is in the vase

The vase is on the table

The table is in the room

Now the bee  is in the garden

The vase  is on the floor

What is this? It is a ladybird

Where is the ladybird? It is on the leaf

What colour is the ladybird? The ladybird is red. What colour is the leaf? It is green.

Are there many berries in the forest? Yes, there are.

There are many mushrooms too.

Are there many leaves on the bush? Yes, there are  many.

There are some berries on the bush.

Is there much honey on the saucer? Yes, there is.

There are some bees on the saucer too.

The bees are in the honey. Where is the saucer with the honey?

It is on the table.


Выразите согласие/несогласие:

1) The vase is on the floor.

2) There are some berries under the bush.

3) The table is in the garden.

4) There are some butterflies in the saucer.

5) The saucer is on the table.

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