Class 6 (AdL). Unit 4. Lesson 1. Basic foods

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Watch the video and answer the questions:
What food can you see in the video? (pizza, French fries, bread, hamburger, soup, salad, cheese, curry rice, noodles, chicken)
What’s your favourite food?

Active Vocabulary


Конструкции There is / There are

Неопределенные местоимения some, any, no

Exercise 1.1 Конструкции There is / There are

Exercise 1.2 There is / There are. Interrogative Sentences

Exercise 1.3 There is…There are…s

Exercise 1.4 a / some / any

Exercise 1.5 Pronouns (some any no) и их производные(something, anything, nothing)

Questions for discussion

Test 1.1 Some, any, no

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